The Journey to Taiwan—An Opener.

On Friday at 3AM EST, I received an e-mail from the Inter Chinese Language Program in National Taiwan University; good news all I got hit up with an acceptance! This has been a matter of great anxiety, whether or not I’d gain acceptance from the school. Long nights praying and checking my e-mail at three in the morning, knowing that Taiwan exists 12 hours into the future. But now, thanks to the help of professors writing recommendation letters and so forth, I can let all of that slip behind me and be grateful that I made it in. But how do I get over there? This month, since I want to leave by June 1, will be a time of figuring out the ropes to gain a plane ticket, visa, and a place to stay in Taipei. How the heck do I do all that? There is a lot to do in less than 31 days. But the process already started yesterday. Tickets, although pricey, are indeed manageable. I uncovered a round trip for a little over twelve hundred with a hefty layover in Los Angeles, another home for the H1N1 that is receiving huge amounts of press coverage. I have my own thoughts on all that, mostly dealing with the latent connection between H1N1 and the zombie outbreak that most of us have been preparing to deal with for years now (thank you Left 4 Dead and Zombie Survival Handbook!). For the past two years May has always been this tumultuous month. Everything either happens or needs to happen in those 31 days. Case in point, my mom insists on a family vacation to Florida for “bonding time”. Some of you may snicker or sneer at me for complaining about a vacation, but when you have to take a driver’s test to renew your license—long story—and get fillings for cavities, on top of all the things you already had to take care of, it creates a lot of stress. This month does have some good prospects at least. For one, I get to hang out with Professors Fernsebner and Harris at the upcoming Faculty Academy and my girlfriend (cue audience going awww) is coming down to see me for two weeks or so on the seventeenth. It’s good times and sunny days from that angle. The larger, looming question is when am I going to find time to make some $ for that plane ticket. It will get handled, just a matter of how not if. I have been blessed to make it this far…no turning back, no turning back. Keep your eyes open, I’ll be talking about the visa and plane ticket things later.

I’m never one to just leave you without some sort of goodie, and the treat for reading today is a great video from a Taiwanese website about going to Taiwan. Notice how just being in Taiwan apparently makes you want to fly. Weird, right?


The flight process should be fun.  I have never traveled abroad before, so this should all be kind of crazy go nuts.  I can see it now, working in the classroom and just randomly flying away threw the window, over Taipei.  Expect more!  And if you don’t read the blog you should probably go fix that.

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  1. Reverend says:

    Congratulations Joe,

    I’ll be reading your correspondences regularly, and now that you have a camera they should be that much richer 😉