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Even now as I am writing this, I am under the gun to cram more and more characters as well as grammatical structures into my brain to produce, internalize, and synthesize all of the separate pieces of language into coherent thoughts given voice (ala conversation). This leads me to the sad state that Panda Musings has been like a slow gentle river of writing, but what we need right now is a swift current of writing that reinforces the learning taking place here in Taiwan. ICLP’s demands are high, and frankly so are the stakes. My largest class has one other person in it!! This is considered large compared to the one on one course that is offered as a core class, where all the other courses one takes are linked in order to find a student’s weak point.

So while the Musings will have an occasional pause for “Ah this is very interesting about Taiwan”, and there are many things other than schooling that have made me fall in love with this place, I need this space to demonstrate what I have been learning in anyway possible. So be expecting character lists and definitions as well as grammar patterns and example sentences. If you want to learn some Chinese this is a good time to follow this blog. Everything will also be linked to on the lessons page with a title that points out the key focus for X night. Alright, well if all goes according to plan there should be another bleary post later o this evening with a host of new things to talk about!

The Panda Rolls out to Combat!

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One Response to “Blog Purpose Modification”

  1. Jim says:

    I like the separation of your spaces for the musing and then the workbook, it is actually an intelligent way to kind of frame the sifferent experiences. And, you can actually bring all your workbook posts into this blog through syndication. And given you will be at DTLT next year, I will leave this exploration to you, but here is a hint. You need to activate FeedWordPress in this blog, and you may want to create a unique category for the blog posts you are pulling in from another address. Ahhhhhh, but I have already said too much, learn the ways of the syndication force grasshopper!