Wiping off Dust

I have to admit, it’s been a while since I’ve touched this space. I can’t say I’m proud to have left her in such a bad condition, but my circumstances, my circumstances! Either way, ICLP has been a crazed ride this entire summer, but it is high time to kick both Panda Musings and Panda’s Workbook back into high gear. Does this mean I will be able to update all the time? Heck no. But the fact is that at any given point a person can become busy. This does not mean the person has to stop working on the projects that interested him/her. In fact it’s during that busy period that maybe you can pick up some kickin’ scheduling skills. Either way, it’s time to turn the lights back on in this old musty warehouse filled with cobwebs and maybe some strangely mutated creations that would love to give me a piece of their mind. Tomorrow is midterm day here at ICLP so probably little writing will be happening for tonight, but let’s work out a schedule, light a fire to roast some veggies and have a talk. You bring the soda, I’ll bring the talking. Good times will be had by everyone! Sorry, I ahve been feeling my english slipping in bad ways as Chinese wording tries to weasel its way into my English sentence structure.

This Panda just donned battle armor.

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