Small thought: written on the iPod touch

Alright, since I really have not blogged, a far project update is in order. Actually I am in palm coast florida with my girlfriend and best friend; with the next semester starting in about two weeks, I really wanted to get some vacation time. Lucky for me my mom recently moved down to the palm coast area to get away from the rest of us crazy kids, you can tell how well that worked! Anyway, I have gotten little reading done, but I have been waking up nice and early to workout on the neighboring Flagler beach. Standing out by the water and practing my basic stance drill (基本功), I could just concentrate on something small, breathing and thinking about the position of my spine, my feet. It was and is beautiful. What I found was that I can just step back from being an academic wanna be or a bava impersonator. Rather, I allowed myself to just be a quiet bakhtinjali. I often wonder how I should proceed with my day, does one really have the power to balance being an eager and ravenous scholar and the quiet meditator? Perhaps without both you miss the point .


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