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For the Brave.

Tuesday, May 12th, 2009

Alright! So, let me introduce you to Faculty Academy (= D !) This event, held by Mary Washington on its Graduate campus, attracts professors and hosts a number of panels and lectures about technology’s ever increasing role in humanities and learning. How can we be using technology to further classroom discussion and our own personal research? All good questions! What is the future role of technology in scholarship? Even better, now that we are cooking some nice tofu, let me direct your attention to the program for this year’s Faculty Academy. This two day event certainly has a host of interesting meetings to attend, plus who can turn down breakfast and coffee in the morning? I’d get up in the morning for that. A number of speakers I am sure are now making the last touch ups to their presentations for tomorrow, while the Thursday crowd is probably waiting until Wednesday night. I am particularly interested in Elizabeth Lewis’s Foreign Language 2.0. I myself will be hanging out with Alexandra deGraffenreid and professors Harris and Fernsebner talking about working projects using digital resources at 9:30 until about 10:45 tomorrow (wednesday). While I’m sure everything will go smoothly, I fully recognize I am probably the young dark horse of the crowd who is just getting his feet wet in all of this stuff, BUT! Never fear because all will be well, I’ll be all nice and professional. A quick preview: I will be talking about a project that Professor Fernsebner has gotten me very interested in, doing an analysis of Chinese history resources online and creating my own website which can act as the necessary pieces of history for an undergraduate interested in Chinese history. It sounds pretty straight forward, and you are right, it is. However, I want to hit on why it is so important to be using digital resources rather than just building a print copy of an annotated bibliography. A Digital Campus episode led by Dan Cohen really encapsulates my own interests in an episode entitled, “Basic Training”. Give it a listen if you have some time. I know you won’t have time of course, because you will be hanging out at Faculty Academy if you are cool!

For all of those who are on Twitter, you can follow Faculty Academy 09 by looking up umwfa09. There should be posts and updates throughout the day. Be on the look out for photos! Alright Faculty Academy, it’s on!