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Spaghetti Project-Urban Art

Sunday, August 22nd, 2010

I love to walk through downtown Fredericksburg and do a bit of window shopping. I never considered that just window shopping does not help a business to stay afloat. While showing a newly arrived freshmen the downtown area, I walked by a store that I had walked by many times before, Spaghetti Project. I noticed that in the window of the store was a sign indicating they were moving out of their currently location. After a talk with the owner, I found out that on September 11th they will be moving down to a new location in Richmond just outside of VCU. I couldn’t just let the matter sit at a nice goodbye and asked to walk inside and take some pictures. The store provides anything and everything awesome from clothing to interesting figurines. With the whole Mary Washington community returning today (Sunday) for the beginning of a new semester, I would love to see students (including myself!) go down to Spaghetti Project and say hello. Maybe there is something neat with your name on it, waiting for you to claim it, a piece of urban art that not just calls but sends you texts too. While all of us are well aware of the “broke college student” circumstance, helping a unique shop open up is awesome. The Following are some photos I took of merchandise that struck me as over the top awesome.

spaghetti project

Aren't they cute?!

I personally dig the amazing brainexplosion of interesting figurines here are some of my favorites that I found.

Being a China fan boy this and the below photo of the Monkey King are by far my favorite items lurking in Spaghetti Project. When I stumbled upon them I had to stop and gawk for the appropriate amount of time. The owner tried to bring in fresh items to the Fredericksburg area based on his own love of collecting odd, unique items that he would inevitably have to travel to New York City to get his hands on. When setting up shop, he started sharing that passion for the cool thing; the cool thing being of course that mysterious object that although has no seeming utility absolutely attracts your eye. “Now that I set up shop” he explained, “I could finally get stuff down my way without having to drive all the way up to New York all the time.” He’s bringing the good stuff down this way.

So as a finally hurrah for Spaghetti Project, I decided that a little post to attract your attention to the store was in order. Down on Caroline Street, past the Tea and Spice shop towards the Central Library, it’s a store you might pass by after seeing long rows of antique shops where you can buy back your grandma’s record player. But what we really have here is a shop, like the handful of shops like it in Fredericksburg, trying to call out to the “young blood” to check out cool stuff, see something a little different. Since, the store is moving out of Fredericksburg on September 11th, why don’t you go ahead and check it out!

Spaghetti Project can be found online on facebook as the Spaghetti Project as well as their current space on blogspot .